The land of endless summer, beautiful weather, clean beaches and blue waters. What else more could you ask for? Melbourne Florida has it all for your family, as well as any active single professionals. From the beautiful Golf Courses, manatees swimming in the Indian River, everything is close to your luxury home.


Luxury Homes

  • Affordable and Luxurious

Most custom builders in Melbourne not only have waterfront views with private beach access, but you can buy one as low as $600k. To have a million-dollar view and amenities can not be beaten. Smaller homes range from 3500sq ft. With four bedrooms and three baths. Wood frame built, old southern style homes bring a piece of the past to the modern era.

  • European Architecture

Modern with a twist. Would one want a European Chateau with French flairs or a beautiful brick Italian Villa with vines welcoming visitors up the majestic driveway? Ocean spray mists the backyard while guests are entertained in the pool on a hot winter day. The rest of the home has enough space for everyone go and explore the five bedrooms, four baths in a private and secluded section on the beach. Melbourne has the luxury for any aficionado.

  • Pros/ Cons of Luxury Homes in Melbourne
  1. The privacy of the area and the quality of living will go up tremendously. Silent nights, stars in the sky, it’s a home away from home.
  2. Home price will peak extremely high when you buy in at the right time. With it comes price falls too, but waiting it out on the beach can’t be bad.
  3. Golf Courses. A lot of the homes in Melbourne are in private communities. The amenities include more than just walks on the beaches; a good amount is on private Golf Courses. Top notch rounds are played where the likes of Sports Greats from the MLB, NFL, and NBA call this home.
  4. It’s a big house, so cleaning by one’s self is not the most fun. Hiring a housekeeper, landscaper as well as property maintenance after a storm can bring a big bill.
  5. Private beach access with your luxury home. Build a sandcastle while looking at your villa style home on your private beach. Make a bonfire and enjoy the sunsets with roasting and toasting.

Melbourne Florida has everything one would want to raise their family. For the sports fanatics, they have the Space Coast Stadium and as mentioned above Golf Courses. For those who happen to be nature lovers, you have everything covering the natural wildlife habitats with the rivers, canals, the big blue ocean and reefs to scuba or snorkel in. Wildlife is abounding in this part of the state, with deer and birds that seem to be exotic, yet are native to the area. Beautiful colored fauna and a tropical feel come from the palm trees that create an escape for those looking to go far away, but still stay close to home.

Buy or rent. Melbourne and Luxury go together like caviar and first growth wine. Beautiful scenery, spacious living, what more could one ask for?