pictire of interior designer workingIt is a common error to interchange the terms interior design and interior decorating. There exists a difference in these two professions although very subtle. Some of these differences are mentioned below

Education and licensing

Interior designers are the creative professionals who work on all aspects structural of a house. The interior designer is responsible for making the initial sketches, the final design and draws up the complete plan.

The interior designer acquires this knowledge in an educational institution. The interior design course is mostly offered in diploma and degree level. After completing the course, the interior designer has to acquire the legal license to operate in this field.

Interior decorators do not require much formal training and neither are they required to attain a license to operate. Some interior decorators have a natural instinct for decorating and are self-taught. Others take short training programs

Nature of work

Interior decorators are concerned more with the aesthetics of a space. They work with the colors, drapery, floor coverings, floor moldings and ceiling decoration making alterations and improvements.

Interior designers work with architects and can move structures that don’t bear weight within a space. They work with the different elements such as light, windows and doors while maintaining high standards of safety regulations.

Perspective of the space

Interior design encompasses the total appearance of an area, including its architectural elements. The interior decorator will focus on one area.

An interior decorator is concerned with the good arrangement of the space for a better living space. He/she will work with various spaces within a project.

How to find a good designer and/or decoratorimage of a interior designers plans

Whether you want to redo your home or are moving into a new house that will require renovations, you will need to employee the services of an expert. There are a number of ways you can go about accessing the kind of service you want:

Word of mouth: Ask your friends and family about the interior designer/decorator they may have used in the past

Service industry: If you happen to see an impressive interior design or decoration in a point of service such as a retail shop, take the liberty to inquire from the management on the name of the interior designer/decorator that did the work. It is possible that the designer is licensed to working in both commercial and residential spaces.

Websites: use search engines to locate a website offering interior design or decorating services in your area code. Select one that fits your budget and is most capable to deliver on the expectations of the project.

Local trade magazines: Many of these magazines have features on interior designers/decorators and their contact information

Local design schools: Find out the possibility of hiring a design student from a local design school. If this is not possible, get contact information of recent graduates from the school. Employing the services of students or graduates would be less expensive as it is expected that their aim will be to gain experience.